What is Companion?

Companion is an AI-based tutor primarily focused on aiding users with computer science and programming problems. It offers an online Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where users can write, run, and debug Python code while simultaneously interacting with an AI tutor.
How does Companion work?

Users can utilize the IDE environment provided by Companion to write their code or copy/paste existing code. They can then chat with the AI tutor to seek assistance with specific programming challenges, debugging issues, or optimizing their code for efficiency.
Can I see Companion in action?

Certainly! Check out this video demonstrating how Companion assists with solving specific LeetCode problems. [TODO: Link to video]
Is Companion entirely free to use?

Yes, Companion is currently 100% free to use. The aim is to provide a valuable tool for individual learners and students progressing through computer science concepts.
Do I need to create an account to use Companion?

While it's not mandatory, creating an account allows you to save your conversations and code snippets, as well as manage multiple files in the IDE efficiently. It enhances your overall experience with Companion.
Can I contribute to Companion's development?

Absolutely! The code powering Companion is entirely open source. Also, feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in further discussing ideas.