V1 Release - AI Based Tutor for Computer Science

April, 23, 2024    |    Rahul Duggal

Companion is an AI-based tutor, currently designed to help with computer science, programming problems. We have an online IDE, where you can run Python. You can leverage the IDE environment to write or copy/paste your code, and chat with the AI tutor on a question you may have or a bug you are facing. You can also leverage the tutor to get hints on potentially making your code more efficient or optimal.

Look at this video (TODO:), where I demonstrate how I use Companion to help me with specific LeetCode problems.

Companion also has a traditional chat interface, where you can have a conversation with the tutor. Here, you can ask Companion to explain specific Computer Science questions, or develop a roadmap, to help you learn a new concept, such as web development with Python.

Companion is 100% free to use at the moment. I want this to be a useful tool for individual learners and students, starting with Computer Science journey. Feel free to make an account, so you can save your conversations/code, and create multiple different files in our IDE.

Again, this is really just the beginning. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to help. The code powering this website is completely open-source, so feel free to contribute/fork, etc.